The Venue

The Ridge Farm at Riverview
3 Wolverton Road
Asbury, New Jersey 08802

Facility Rules for Participants:

  • Trash must be placed in the proper receptacles, including recycle bins when available.
  • No glass on premises, all liquids must be enclosed in shatter proof containers.
  • No vehicles are permitted to park within 30 feet of any stabling facility.
  • No smoking in barns, buildings, offices, or around manure receptacles.
  • No Dogs or Pets allowed at the CPI Event
  • No skateboards, in-line skates, or roller skates are allowed.


Where to Stay

Courtyard Marriott Announced as the “OFFICIAL” Hotel of the

CPI New Jersey Horse Show

Courtyard Marriott Lebanon

300 Corporate Drive

Lebanon, New Jersey 08833

Make your reservations on or before TBA to receive special 

CPI Horse Show rate

Call to make your reservation or click on the following link to make your reservation online:

Courtyard Marriott Online Reservation

Event Schedule

2018 CPI New Jersey – September 21 – 22, 2019
The Ridge at Riverview – Asbury, New Jersey
Times, Dates, Speakers, and Rings Are Subject to Change – Schedule is Tentative and subject to change

Saturday, September 21, 2019
10:00 AM to 3:00 PM Registration for Riders and their Trainer/Coach (Riders will not receive their back numbers if their trainer/coach does not sign the Trainer Release)

10:00 AM – 5:00 PM College Expo, Greet and Meet College Coaches and College Representatives

12:00 PM Educational Presentations Begin at Learning Lounge in this order:

1:30 PM – 5:45PM Mounted Clinic –

1:30 PM – 2:45 PM – TBA

3:00 PM – 4:15 PM – TBA

4:30 PM – 5:45 PM – TBA

Sunday, September 22, 2019
6:00 AM  Horse Schooling Begins

7:00 AM  Brief Meeting for Coaches/Trainers of TBA Equitation Riders

7:30 AM Horse Draw for TBA Equitation Riders Horse Draw Area Riders’ Coach/Trainer need not be present for horse draw participation

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM College Expo

8:30 AM Ring Preparation

8:45 AM First class of the day mounts

9:00 AM Horse show begins and proceeds in this order:                     

TBA, Flat and Over Fences

TBA, Flat and Over Fences

TBA, Flat and Over Fences

Horse Schooling for TBA Equitation Classes (45 minutes)

** Brief Meeting for Coaches/Trainers of TBA Equitation Division Riders at Warm-Up Ring

Announcements will be made for exact time Horse Draw for TBA Equitation Division Riders, Horse Draw Area. Riders’ Coach/Trainer need not be present for horse draw participation

Ring Preparation


TBA, Flat and Over Fences

Access to the Event

Rider and Rider’s Trainer Registration Procedure
All CPI riders and their trainer or coach are to register at the CPI Registration Desk upon arrival. Riders will receive their back number and each rider, and their corresponding trainer (coach), will both have a wristband placed on their wrist that must be worn to gain entry into the mounting area and show rings.  In addition, the trainer (coach) must sign a trainer waiver/release form. Without a signed trainer release form, back number and wrist bands will not be distributed.  Riders and trainers must pick up their wrist bands in person.

College Fair Passes
Persons not entered to compete in the horse show but looking to attend the college fair, educational seminars, and view the horse show may purchase an college fair pass to gain entry as a spectator of the CPI event. If your child is entered to compete at the CPI Horse Show you do not need to purchase a college fair pass.  College Fair passes may be purchased online or at the registration area at the CPI Event for $75.00 for the entire weekend. CPI College Fair passes are NON REFUNDABLE. If you would like to purchase your College Fair pass online, please click here

Press & Media

Please contact EQ Media at 612-209-0310 or info@EQMedia.agency

CPI Hire a Coach
The CPI Horse Show requires participants be coached by a trainer during the horse show competition. If a student’s trainer is not available to coach the participant, the CPI provides experienced coaching services for a fee of $80 per participant. Each participant will be coached in the flat class and the over fences class by a CPI trainer. All CPI Hire A Coach fees are NON REFUNDABLE.


Meet the CPI Trainer




If you would like to use the CPI Hire a Coach program, please click here.

CPI New Jersey Rider Resume
One of the primary goals of the CPI Horse Show is to promote high school student riders. To this effort, working with graphic artists that believe in the CPI mission, the CPI is offering riders entered to participate in the CPI New Jersey Horse Show the option to purchase a full page Resume Ad for $100.00 to appear in the full color CPI New Jersey Event Magazine, allowing them the opportunity to further promote their accomplishments in print.

After surveying the coaches, CPI has found that online resumes are not useful and that they refer to the printed resumes as a resource during the CPI events. For that reason, and for the security of the riders, CPI has eliminated online resumes.

The deadline for this offer is August 1, 2019. Please click here to reserve your page in the CPI New Jersey Event Magazine.

Rider Resume

Photo Services


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In 2016, the CPI will host two action-packed three-day events where riders in grades 9 – 12 from all over the United States have a chance to immerse themselves in the college equestrian experience and discover the various options available to them. Riders have a choice of attending the Palm Beach, Florida event held at the World-class Jim Brandon Equestrian Center in January; or the Burbank, California event held at the stunning Los Angeles Equestrian Center “Equidome” in March.

If you are in grades 9 – 12, and would like to participate in the CPI Horse Show, please review the CPI Rules and Regulations and complete the CPI Online Application.

Academic excellence and social integrity are key components of the CPI program. We encourage these values in students and reward them with the opportunity to win scholarships for academics and community service via the CPI Scholarship and Educational Fund. To learn more about the CPI scholarship award opportunities available, please visit the CPI Scholarships page.

Riders are invited to become involved with our CPI Junior Ambassador Program where members earn community service hours by hosting fundraising events and for volunteer service work at CPI events. All funds raised by CPI Junior Ambassador Program are for the organization’s Scholarship and Educational Fund and used to award scholarships to deserving student riders that participate in the CPI events.

The College Fair at the CPI Horse Show hosts representatives from colleges and universities from around the country allowing college-bound riders to meet coaches and school representatives and explore the options they offer for riding in college. (Please note that NCEA colleges may not participate in the college fair due to NCAA guidelines, but they do participate in educational presentations and join their colleagues in the private seating area for coaches at the horse show portion of the event.

The CPI Hunt Seat Equitation Competition portion of the event allows the rider to experience the unique collegiate equestrian competition format – giving each rider the opportunity to experience the draw, assess their horse and then display their equitation, sportsmanship and horsemanship skills in managing an unfamiliar mount in a competition setting.

The CPI saves families the expense of transporting and stabling a competition horse by providing suitable horses, saddles and tack, so participants need only bring their show clothes, helmets and crops.

Each CPI rider is encouraged to complete the CPI Online Rider Resume, specifically designed to highlight important information of interest to college coaches and admission representatives. The online resume includes riding, academic and special interest achievements, and it allows the rider to load three pictures and two YouTube videos. While the videos are optional, riders are encouraged to submit them to further showcase their riding abilities or any special interests they deem important to highlight. The student riders have the option of uploading their resumes to the CPI Website for public viewing as well.

Please stay connected with the College Preparatory Invitational Horse Show as we will supply information on new developments, including guest speakers, show officials, special event presentations and show schedules via communications to our Mailing List, or our Facebook page and the CPI Website.