Green Essay Scholarship

Green is the New Blue is an environmental non-profit dedicated to preserving the planet for the animals we love and their riders. The organization’s goal is to empower and inspire equestrians to join their mission to clean up horse shows and reduce their environmental impact.

The College Preparatory Invitational and Green Is the New Blue aim to inspire young equestrians to take action and promote a healthy relationship with our planet. CPI and Green Is the New Blue have developed an Environmental Essay Scholarship designed to inspire new ideas, raise key concerns, and call to action the equestrian community. In an effort to share the brilliant ideas of young environmentalists, material submitted for scholarship consideration may be used as content on the Green Is the New Blue website with credit to the author.

At each CPI event, the winner of the Green Is the New Blue Environmental Essay Scholarship will receive a $1,500 scholarship to be applied to their future school of choice. In addition to the scholarship, the accolades received will be beneficial throughout the college application process.

  1. Be a registered participant of the College Preparatory Invitational.
  2. Academic Baseline : Have a GPA of 3.0 and submit academic transcript.
  3. Scholarship payment is made directly to academic institution.
    Winners may redeem their award by providing proof of acceptance at an academic institution, along with contact information (College, Trade School, etc.)
  4. Submit an essay in response to EACH of the following questions in 600 words or less.

Students may choose to respond to any of the following prompts in 600 words or less. To encourage new ideas and diverse thinking, students are not limited to these prompts and may develop their own environmental essay. The deadline to submit the Environmental Essay for scholarship consideration is *** for CPI Florida 2021 and *** for CPI New Jersey 2021.

Where do you see the potential for positive environmental change in your daily life as an equestrian? How do you plan to implement this change? This may be your farm, trails, horse shows, etc. Be specific and make sure to identify the environmental topic you are addressing, including but not limited to climate change, waste management, energy, pollution, natural disasters, biodiversity, habitat disturbance and farm planning, etc.

How have you served as an environmental steward in the equine community? Environmental stewardship refers to advocacy of responsible consumption, protection of natural resources, and implementation of sustainable practices. Describe your experience as a role model encouraging other equestrians to be mindful of actions and their environmental impact. If you have not already done this, what can you do to become a steward at the barn?

In what ways have you served as an environmental leader or explored your environmental interests outside of the equestrian community? How can you apply this knowledge and experience to horses?

How can you help develop an environmental movement in your community or equestrian program?

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