Green is the New Blue is an environmental non-profit that strives to reduce the environmental impacts of equine-related events and activities. We encourage others to incorporate green practices into daily operations. Green is the New Blue has two simple goals: to educate the equine industry about best practices for sustainability and ecological safety, and provide the tools to make these changes easy and straightforward to implement.

Green is the New Blue was founded by amateur rider Stephanie Bulger when she realized the detrimental impact horse events and venues had on the environment. Between the countless fans, organic waste (manure), and general carelessness, Stephanie knew right then and there that the equine industry needs to do better.

Small changes have huge impacts. Green is the New Blue is dedicated to preserving the planet for the animals we love and their future riders. Our goal is to empower and inspire equestrians to join us in our mission to clean up horse shows and reduce their environmental impact.


To learn more about Green Is The New Blue visit www.greenisthenewblue.org

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