September 21 – 22, 2019 – Asbury, New Jersey


Applications/Entries Available
CPI New Jersey Applications Available Online November 1, 2018

Applications/Entries Close
CPI New Jersey Applications CLOSE – September 1, 2019

Application Fee: $30.00
Entry Fee: $530.00

Mounted Clinic: $350.00

For all applications received before midnight on February 28, 2019
your $30.00 Application Fee will be applied to your Entry Fee


2019 CPI New Jersey Horse Show Application

Applications will be CLOSING on September 1, 2019 


2019 CPI New Jersey Hire A Coach

The CPI Horse Show requires participants be coached by a trainer during the horse show competition. If a student’s trainer is not available to coach the participant, the CPI provides experienced coaching services for a fee of $80 per participant. Each participant will be coached in the flat class and the over fences class by a CPI trainer.

All CPI Hire A Coach Fees are Non-Refundable


2019 CPI New Jersey College Fair Pass

Persons not entered to compete in the horse show but looking to attend the college fair, educational seminars, and view the horse show may purchase an college fair to gain entry as a spectator of the CPI event. College Fair passes may be purchased online or at the registration area at the CPI Event for $75.00 for the entire weekend.

CPI College Fair Passes are Non Refundable

If your child is entered to compete in the 2018 CPI New Jersey Horse Show you do not need to purchase a College Fair Pass


2019 CPI New Jersey Rider Resume

One of the primary goals of the CPI Horse Show is to promote high school student riders. To this effort, working with graphic artists that believe in the CPI mission, the CPI is offering riders entered to participate in the CPI New Jersey Horse Show the option to purchase a full page Resume Ad for $25.00 to appear in the full color CPI New Jersey Event Magazine, allowing them the opportunity to further promote their accomplishments in print.

After surveying the coaches, CPI has found that online resumes are not useful and that they refer to the printed resumes as a resource during the CPI events. For that reason, and for the security of the riders, CPI has eliminated online resumes.

The deadline for this offer is August 15, 2019

Rider Resume

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