Included with the CPI rider participation fee is the CPI Online Rider Resume. The online rider resume is made public on the CPI website and is specifically designed to highlight important information about the participant. The participant will be able to load the resume onto the CPI website after full payment of fees for participation is received. Rider may edit and update the resume as many times as deemed necessary. College and university coaches will have access to the CPI student rider’s resume and it will remain online for six months after the CPI event. Personal contact information will not be public but will be provided to the colleges and coaches at the event.The resume may include the student’s riding, academic, and special interest achievements, and it allows the rider to load three pictures and two YouTube videos. The videos are optional and can showcase the students’ riding abilities or any other interests or abilities they deem important to highlight in a video. If rider loads videos demonstrating equestrian abilities, we suggest rider to include footage on more than one horse and include footage that really demonstrates his/her versatility, as well as skill in the sport. Proper attire is recommended for all pictures and videos in the resume.

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