Green Is The New Blue Environmental Majors - Albion College

The Center for Sustainability and the Environment (CSE), through its member students and affiliated faculty, encourages all Albion students to develop an awareness of the physical makeup of the biosphere and an appreciation of the vulnerability of the ecosystem. It further encourages students to explore environmental issues from multidisciplinary perspectives and to recognize that their actions have environmental consequences.

Green Is The New Blue Environmental Majors - Centenary University

Centenary University’s Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Environmental Science program combines a liberal arts foundation with a career concentration in environmental stewardship. Students focus on the relationship between environmental quality, land use, and human health as well as how our local actions impact the global community.

Green Is The New Blue Environmental Majors - Converse College

Environmental Studies is the science of the interaction between humans and the environment. An interdisciplinary field, environmental studies involves interconnections between ecology, economics, geography, geology, meteorology, politics, and sociology. As an environmental studies student, you will explore the structure and function of the world and our connection to it.

Green Is The New Blue Environmental Majors - Emory & Henry College

Our Environmental Studies majors learn many aspects of Environmental Science and Policy. The course work includes Biology and Chemistry but focuses more on environmental problem-solving. Courses include Environmental Monitoring, Environment and Planning, Wildlife Monitoring, Environmental Policy, and Research Experience. They go on to careers in environmental protection, habitat restoration, wildlife management, recreation management, environmental research, and teaching.

Green Is The New Blue Environmental Majors - Long Island University

Rising sea levels, air, and water pollution, and the soaring demand for energy — these and many more challenges confront policy-makers at the global, national, and local levels. More and more, society turns to environmental scientists and specialists to find ways to balance human health and environmental protection with free enterprise and economic prosperity. Green growth is one of the central issues of our age.

Green Is The New Blue Environmental Majors - Marist College

The mission of the Department of Environmental Science and Policy is to educate students to become professionals who understand and solve environmental problems and, more broadly, to create a student body with a high level of environmental consciousness. The demands upon Earth’s natural resources and life-support systems increase each year as human population and consumption levels increase.

Green Is The New Blue Environmental Majors - Randolph-Macon College

Randolph-Macon College prepares students to meet and solve challenging environmental problems of the 21st Century. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, students explore, analyze, and solve real environmental problems – for real clients – that involve the complex interactions of humans with the biosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere.

Green Is The New Blue Environmental Majors - Sacred Heart University

Coastal ecosystems are at the interface between marine and terrestrial habitats and are exposed to a wide variety of human and natural stressors. Climate change has caused novel challenges for coastal and marine habitats that are already stressed from human development, pollution, and over-harvest of natural resources.

Green Is The New Blue Environmental Majors - Sewanee

The ecology and biodiversity track examines how organisms interact with one another and the environment. The study of biology at Sewanee—the study of life—can mean anything from studying cells and molecules to studying ecosystems.

Green Is The New Blue Environmental Majors - Sweet Briar College

At Sweet Briar College, there are numerous pathways through which students can pursue their interests in agriculture, food systems, conservation, and the environment. Our environmental science and biology programs include courses such as Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, Natural Resources Management, Agricultural Operations, Animal Behavior, Ecology, Global Biodiversity Conservation, Environmental Policy, and seminars on special topics that provide space for students to tackle pressing global and local challenges.

Green Is The New Blue Environmental Majors - University of Lynchburg

The demands of the growing human population are putting increasing environmental pressures on the planet. Environmental scientists must accurately identify and clearly articulate these challenges so that individuals and governments can take action.

Biology, forestry, ecology, hydrology, geology, and meteorology are just some of the subjects in this multifaceted course of study.

Green Is The New Blue Environmental Majors - Wesleyan College

Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary field that draws on the knowledge and analytical tools from many areas of study to understand the function of natural ecosystems, the effects of human societies on the environment, and the role that the environment has played in shaping human cultures and artistic endeavors.

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