About the Green Is The New Blue Environmental Steward Championship

The College Preparatory Invitational and Green Is the New Blue aims to inspire young equestrians to take action and promote a healthy relationship with our planet. Environmental Stewardship refers to the use of sustainable practices to protect the environment and advocate for the preservation of natural resources. CPI and Green Is the New Blue has developed the Green Is The New Blue Environmental Steward Championship designed to recognize those who are actively involved in environmental conservation and/or sustainability within their schools, communities, or equestrian programs.

At each CPI event, five (5) finalists will be selected from the resumes submitted for the event. To encourage constant growth and development, riders may submit an updated resume for each CPI event they attend. In addition to the individual finalists at CPI New Jersey, three (3) Grand Champion Stewards will be awarded. Grand Champion Stewards will be chosen from the pool of finalists at all CPI events in 2021.


Environmental Steward finalists and Grand Champions will be recognized for their hard work through multiple channels. The purpose of these communications is to promote rider accomplishments, the environmental programs, and inspire others to take similar actions. Additionally, the development of the Environmental Stewardship Resume is good practice for college applications and encourages participation in activities that will benefit the application process. Some of those channels include but are not limited to:

2021 CPI Event Magazines

CPI will include a half-page biography of each Environmental Steward Finalist in their respective event programs. Grand Champions will receive a full-page biography, photo, and list of accomplishments in the CPI New Jersey 2021 event program.

The Plaid Horse Magazine

In the educational issue of The Plaid Horse, CPI has developed a separate section titled  “CPI Environmental Stewards presented by Green Is the New Blue.”  Each finalist will receive a photo and brief write-up describing their accomplishments as environmental stewards.

CPI Website

CPI will develop a unique page on the website titled “Green Leaders.”  Finalists will be featured on this page with their brief biography, photo, and list of accomplishments. Following CPI New Jersey 2021, Grand Champions will be featured at the top of this page.

Social Media

Finalists and Grand Champions will be featured on CPI social media to promote rider accomplishments and the Environmental Steward Championship.


CPI will promote the “Environmental Stewards presented by Green Is the New Blue”  in designated email blasts. Per each event, one email blast will be issued that highlights the five finalists. Following the selection of the Grand Champions, each Grand Champion will have an individual email blast sent out with a biography, photo, and list of accomplishments.

How To Enter

Riders will submit an Environmental Stewardship Resume, to be completed to the specifications outlined below.